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Written by I Mediterranei   
domenica, 21 gennaio 2007

Tematic area: Information, Statistics, Communication and Technology .

No No matter which phylosophy will be used to establish an Info Tech platform used as service to the TN tourism community, a substantial part of the web material will be organized in a way to make easy to participants the access to them. The actions taken under this sub area will be: a) planning of the project b) collection of materials produced by the sub areas c) design d) test of functionality and usability and updating. - The web site will be established and updated as support to the activities of sub areas committees. Clear information and in detail will be inserted on the actors and subjects of the work products, their reports will be presented according to a friendly graphic layout and details will be given to the participants on the way notations/comments could be inserted in the web in order to benefit the whole community. - About how TN community people will be stimulated to navigate, the actors of this sub area will design a structure which is not too much complicated, that will negatively influenced the communication efficiency of the site. Therefore in the general design of pages the authors will not forget that any hypertextual environmental and multimedia design is human-oriented. Therefore few good points will be used as guidelines in design: a) mantain a balance between text, graphics and other elements b) avoid excess of fragmentation in a single page, keeping it organized around a complete and recognizible concept c) propose a means of structured way consultation inserting in each page all necessary instruments to move around in the web resource without obliging the reader to go back and forth d) avoid long pages difficult to load and catch e) make the pages readable for people that have problems for access (disabled people, blind persons, etc.).


Agostino Pesce

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